My Complete Miscarriage

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I recently experienced a micarriage. I wanted to become as knowledgeable about what I was going through as I could, so I read all I could find on the Internet and in books. I felt like I should share my story to help others who were going through a miscarriage.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012


Searched for articles about ovulation after being on the pill, this one was somewhat helpful:

As I told you in my earlier posts, I was not ovulating before I got pregnant, obviously the reason I had to take Clomid.  It's possible that I was not getting my period because I had been on the pill.  I had been on the pill for six or seven years.  When I went off of it I just never started my period on my own, until after this successful pregnancy.  I started my period a few months ago and it is becoming more regular now.  It is my belief that having a baby has "restarted" my system and gotten my period going.  I was hoping this would happen, and it feels so good and....normal to have my period again. 

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