My Complete Miscarriage

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I recently experienced a micarriage. I wanted to become as knowledgeable about what I was going through as I could, so I read all I could find on the Internet and in books. I felt like I should share my story to help others who were going through a miscarriage.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Pregnancy after miscarriage

Sorry to not have posted for so incredibly long!  I got pregnant at the end of November and couldn't bring myself to write about the pregnancy in case something happened.  I used Clomid again and got pregnant on the first try.  I was on the lowest dosage.  We still dont know why I am not ovulating on my own.  Anyway, my baby girl was born in August and she is perfect.  If you are going through a miscarriage I know it is so hard but please do not lose hope, this time will pass and you will get what you want at some point!  I have a perfectly healthy baby now, even with a past miscarriage, hypothyroidism, and not ovulating.  It CAN happen!

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  1. Yeah! What great news!! You and I got pregnant around the same time - my rainbow was born 3 weeks early on July 8th. She was supposed be an end of July or early August baby. Anyway, glad to hear of your happy ending to your struggle!!! Post pics of your rainbow!