My Complete Miscarriage

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I recently experienced a micarriage. I wanted to become as knowledgeable about what I was going through as I could, so I read all I could find on the Internet and in books. I felt like I should share my story to help others who were going through a miscarriage.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010


I have not gotten my period since my miscarriage just over a month ago.  Here's the trouble- I wasn't getting my period before the miscarriage either.  Maybe it was because of my hypothyroidism, or maybe it's because my bloodwork shows a slight tendency to pcos.  My doctors don't know.  I had to take Clomid to get pregnant and it worked the first time.  This time, however, I would rather not have to use the Clomid.  I would rather just start ovulating on my own.  I hoped that the m/c would jump start my cycle but so far that hasn't seemed to happen.  Two weeks ago I thought that I ovulated.  That Friday night, though, I started spotting just barely and it has not stopped since then.  It's not like a period and it's much lighter.  My nurse said it's probably just old blood but they just don't really know exactly what it is.  Either way, I wish my actual period would start so I would know that I did ovulate.  Oh, if only this were easier...

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