My Complete Miscarriage

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I recently experienced a micarriage. I wanted to become as knowledgeable about what I was going through as I could, so I read all I could find on the Internet and in books. I felt like I should share my story to help others who were going through a miscarriage.

Monday, September 27, 2010

My Obsession with Pregnancy Tests!

I don't know if I'm the only one who does this, but when I am hopeful of being pregnant, all I want to do is test!  Thankfully, a friend told me about these cheap tests you can get at the Dollar Tree.  They are only one dollar and they work.  I have seen other people on the internet who say they don't work, but I am a believer.  If anyone else is interested, check out Dollar Tree or now Dollar General also has them.  I took one today when I got home from work and still am getting a negative result.  I am going to try and force myself to wait until Saturday to take another one, but we'll see what happens.

This is the Dollar General version of the $1.00 pregnancy test (you can see my negative result below):

This is the Dollar Tree ovulation kit (this gave me a positive result when I took Clomid, so you know they work!):
This is what I used when I got my results for being pregnant the first time.  I got a very faint pink line about a week and a half after we conceived:


  1. Have you had your first period after the miscarriage? You don't have to have one to get pregnant, but just to warn you, it took me 66 days!!!

  2. I haven't had a real period, I don't think. I started spotting last Friday but it was not like a period. It still hasn't stopped! I hope it doesn't take me 66 days like it did for you....keep your fingers crossed for me!

  3. I will! Hang in there! Sometimes it takes the body just as long to heal as the heart. Some really great reading material to educate yourself on getting pregnant and miscarriages, I was amazed at what I didn't know! Taking Charge of Your Fertility, and A Few Good Eggs. I actually have had friends that aren't even thinking about getting pregnant read A Few Good Eggs, that's how awesome the book is!

  4. Thanks for the advice on the reading material! I will be sure to look for those two on Amazon. I got a book soon after because I just wanted as much information about this as I could get. I really want to read Taking Charge of Your Fertility soon because I cannot stop thinking about getting pregnant!