My Complete Miscarriage

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I recently experienced a micarriage. I wanted to become as knowledgeable about what I was going through as I could, so I read all I could find on the Internet and in books. I felt like I should share my story to help others who were going through a miscarriage.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Trying to Conceive

I knew in the first few months of 2010 that I wanted to get pregnant over the summer.  I am a teacher's aide and thought I could time things perfectly so that I could have the baby late in the school year, and then be home all summer with my baby.  My husband and I disagreed on when exactly to start trying, but we decided to start in July 2010. 

The trouble was, I wasn't ovulating on my own.  The months between going off the pill (September 2009) and trying in July, I was not getting my period without taking medicine.  This could have been because of my hypothyroidism, but my endochrinologist and gynecologist could not figure out what was wrong with me.  All of my blood work was coming back normal.  We decided that I should take Clomid to help me ovulate.  Clomid is the first type of drug that is taken when a couple cannot conceive naturally. 

To our surprise, we probably conceived somewhere around July 14... and on July 23, we got a faint pink line on my early response pregnancy test!  I went in for blood work to confirm and it was true-we were pregnant!  We were so excited that we had our parents over for dinner that night and told them that very day.  It was unbelievable how excited a family can get about a new baby...even when I was less than 4 weeks pregnant. 

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